CRM for Sale


Our customers who make purchases are called to as "Licensee".

If you prefer buying method you pay one time license payment. Total amount is calculated on the agreement that is sum of Main Modul, Number of Users and Additional Modules. 

After Licensee has been signing buying contract,  our technical staff connect via using remote access programs (Teamviewer, AnyDesk etc.) to customer’s server in order to install the program.After completing installation is giving online education to users about program.

This purchasing method is different from annual rental license buying method. When you are fully purchasing the program, you don’t pay any license price every year. 

However, the license price don’t include supporting services price. Only the first year supporting price is included purchase price. Except for this, it sould be made payment supporting services price as yearly.  

Our support service consist of:

-providing control and continuity of the “License Guarantee System” and controlling,

-correcting the errors that may occur in the installed system,

-techical supporst for the use of program,

-updates in the version,

-improvements caused by browser bugs or technological innovations,

-elimination of errors in the version caused by current modules,

and taking support from our Solution Consultant and technical team during working hours.

Hemen Teklif Al