Main Modules

You can record all information about your customer and contacts.
You can record all activities with your customer.
You can create offer records and you can sent it as e-mail to your customer.
You can get record all sales and it also be reported.
You can calculate costing items of your bid or sales.
You can create and define new product record and price of it.
You can control appointment times which is recorded at calendar.
You can see telephone records with details who is calling you.
You can follow your jobs in the firm and you can see stage of the jobs.
You can list all reminders and warning or information messages.
You can add all Excel, Word, PDF, and jpeg etc. documents into CRM.
You can make instant conversation with all personals both collective or individual.
Users can makes special Main Page for themselves.
You can send all templates to your customer via e-mail.
Instant access to your data on mobile or tablet.
You have make in the crm you can take all visual reports of activities.